Sunday, November 30, 2014


Deck the STALLS!

Chritmas is almost here!  i just recently received some FREE Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Cloths Dispensers from Crowdtap.  I invited some of my favorite friends over and we decorated the dispensers just in time to make our bathrooms pretty for Christmas!

 the kids had fun decorating with us...we couldnt keep them away. haha! They could see how much fun we were having and they had to join in!
 Carrie showing off her newly decorated dispenser.
 Perfect for CHRISTMAS!  We were really getting creative

some of the crew...everyone loved the party!

I was really happy with our decorative talents, and even more happy to be able to try the wipes.  My bathroom is officially ready for the season and for all of our guests!  Thank you crowdtap and especially Cottonelle!

Monday, November 24, 2014

We are going tube-free

we just tried the Scott Naturals tube free and we loved it.  what a great way to help keep the world a cleaner, better place. You guys should all try it. Seriously, go do it.  You will be happy you did, and will want to go tube-free for life.

 No tube.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Old Navy Sweater party!

Ok, so I actually thought that I might get to have and Old Navy party that I got to share with some family.  Not becuase any of you decided to come and visit me, but because my trip to AZ almost coincided with my party.  Darn.  Luckily, I have good friends here that I can share my fun free stuff with.  I know I always say that you guys should be sad you missed out again, but I am saying it and I still mean it. :)  Come visit  me and look at all the fun things you can get for FREE!  Otherwise, if you havnt signed up for Crowdtap yet....DO IT!  It is the best.    Here are the pictures from my Sweater party....

My friend Kelli, Can you tell she is excited?
 Zach has been studying for finals and his MCAT, so I had to take all the kids shopping with me.  I would definitely gone with out kids, but if you have to take them, Old Navy is the place to go.  They always have something for the kids, or something for them to do.  Rai loved the clothes. :)

 Kelli in her favorite sweater that she got for FREE!
 I got the prettiest cream colored sweater.  The picture doesnt do it justice.

 Old Navy gave all of the kids balloons while we were trying on clothes. :)

 getting ready to check out with our final picks. :)
Thanks Old Navy and Crowdtap!  We had so much fun!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Logans cast....

Logan finally got his cast off!  He only had to wear it for 3 and a half weeks....crazy I know!  We are just happy he got it off! :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hotel Transylvania - Mavis' 118th Birthday Bash!

Get ready for picture overload!  so, you know how I am always telling you about the fun Crowdtap parties I always get to have?  Well, you missed out again!  You would think all my AZ family and friends would have learned by now how fun these parties are, so I should be able to talk you guys into coming to NM for once. haha  For now though, I guess you will just have to make due with the million pictures I took...
This party was to get us all ready to see the movie Hotel Transylvania.  Logan got to go see it with his dad for his birthday, but the girls and I missed out and I can't wait to be able to see it!  
We decorated for Mavis' ( character from the movie) birthday bash by using a lot of halloween supplies.  The kids decorated cupcakes to look like mini monsters, we had mini pumpkins for them to decorate, we had fun coloring pages and masks, dirt n worms to eat, green juice in monster cups, Hotel transylvania computer games and so much more!  Do you wish you would have come yet?  Because you will after you see the pictures! haha  

                           cupcake decorating stuff...icing, mms in spider cups, sprinkles...the works. :)
 Dirt n worms...How fun is that?  It was chocolate pudding with crushed oreos on top and gummy worms squished into it.  I'm not gonna lie...It is one of my favorite desserts. :)
 We gave the kids coloring pages with all the different characters, so they could pick their favorite. :)
 Look how cute our table decor turned out?  I got the cute cupcake stand at the dollar store.  I was pretty impressed with myself. lol  We used the left over spider webbing to put across the table, and then put spider and bat rings all through it for the kids.  Who knew I could be so creative?

                                                         Rai eating her dirt n worms...

                            The dirt n worms wasnt just for the kids...Even the moms liked the worms... haha

 Jocy putting on a bat ring to match her spooky bat shirt.  We like to go all out with our parties. :)
 We played the guess that body part game...gross I know.  But the kids loved it.  We put different foods in covered bowls and then made the kids stick their hands in it.  We told them it was brains or eyeballs...etc.  It might seem gross, but none of the kids fell for it. lol
                                          We peeled off the skin on a tomato for the heart.
                                               we peeled the skin off the grapes for eyeballs.
                                                                   Chunky salsa...
                                                       The kids feeling the "body parts"
                                                                  decorating cupcakes...

 Look how cute the monster cupcakes turned out?  We used dumdum suckers with peach gummy rings around them for the eyes.

                              Amaia didnt get to decorate, but she sure enjoyed her sucker. :)

                     The monster juice for the kids to drink...and lets be honest...for the adults too. :)

 Rai's mask. 
All in all it was a really fun party and we cant wait to see the movie!  I wish you all could have been here to party with us...Next time I mention crowdtap, just make sure you plan ahead on your schedule so you can be here!  Love you guys!